Yoga Education

The evidence-based principles of yoga and mindfulness have been documented to have a lasting effect on the physical and emotional development of young children. It is critical that children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and other neurodevelopmental disorders learn these practical and effective activities to improve executive functions and self-regulation to maintain focus and engagement while limiting maladaptive behaviors. Individuals with developmental delays present a wide variety of delays in gross motor ability which movement techniques can also improve in long-term functional development. Across the nation more and more clinicians and educators alike are finding these strategies beneficial and easily integrating them into the school, therapy, and home settings.

1 Day Training Session


In this one-day interactive course, participants will understand the benefits of using yoga as a modality for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, other neurodevelopmental disorders, and how to properly integrate it across multiple settings. Participants will gain techniques to improve strength, self-awareness, focus, and regulation while promoting executive functions and well-being. Participants will be able to utilize yoga as a therapeutic tool for intervention and screening when they return to their clinic, school, or practice setting.  Each section of the program has hands-on exercises and practice.  Bring your energy and find your peace.

Using Pediatric Yoga and Mindfulness Program Overview

  1. Understanding the practice of yoga and mindfulness​

  2. Challenges and diagnoses that children face​

  3. Easily integrating yoga into any setting​

  4. Building and improving strength, balance, coordination and stability​

  5. Yoga and mindfulness techniques to improve executive functions​

  6. Sensory and motor games and resources​

Course formats can be customized to meet your group's needs.  Please contact us to discuss how we can customize a program for you.

About us

Back in 2015 the idea to marry my love for yoga and my rewarding career as an occupational therapist began.  In teaching yoga to those with physical, social and emotional challenges, I saw my students experience the most positive feelings.  It was especially magical to see those who were non-verbal express their inner strength as brave yoga warriors.

Since then we have been committed to sharing the practice of yoga in an adaptive and nurturing way to improve the well-being of ALL individuals.  We do this by practicing yoga in group sessions, private sessions, and educating others about these many benefits of yoga and mindfulness.




Lisa Irvine - Co-Owner and Director of Programming, MS, OTR/L, RYT 200

Lisa is a licensed occupational therapist and is certified in yoga instruction and pediatric yoga. She currently works with youth at the New England Center for Children (NECC), a private school for students with developmental disabilities. Ms. Irvine teaches the practice of yoga for its improvement of gross motor, fine motor, oral motor, and visual motor skills, and its benefits in reducing anxiety, promoting self-awareness, as well as increased balance, postural strength, stability, and improved focus. She has earned a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Dominican College and is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association.






Siegi Brady - Yoga Instructor

I am a licensed Occupational Therapy assistant.  I met Lisa during my internship at NECC in 2015 and saw the profound impact of yoga on the students at the school.  I completed my RYT 200 hour yoga training in 2016 with the intent to bring yoga to more individuals with special needs in the community.  I joined Brave Yoga in 2017 and continue to be inspired and rewarded by the enjoyment and progress I see in the students as they practice their yoga.  I am honored to be a part of Brave Yoga and serve the community.




Sarah Kaye - Yoga Instructor

Sarah believes in the power of breath and movement to help people of all ages naturally calm their bodies and minds. She is a special education teacher in Worcester, MA with a master’s degree in moderate disabilities.  She works with students in Pre-K through 8th grade. Sarah received her RYT 200 hour training as a way to bridge the gaps for students with disabilities. She often uses yoga to teach academic skills connecting muscle memory with the content. She believes yoga is for all people and wants to make classes accessible for everyone.  She joined BYFA in 2020.

Heather Pierce Roy - Yoga Instructor

Heather has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and began teaching two years ago. Classes include Flex & Strength, Athletic, Gentle and Prenatal. Her classes are flowy vinyasa with a guided meditation.  We welcomed her to BYFA in 2020 as an adaptive yoga instructor.  She has her 200 Hour YTT certification from One Voice.




Gina Saxena - Yoga Instructor

I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training in May of 2018. I started teaching yoga in 2019 and have never looked back. The wonderful practice of yoga entered my life when I began my own personal health and fitness journey. Dealing with different health and mental health circumstances, the one thing that has always brought me to my peace and a good mind set is yoga. The incorporation of yoga into my daily life has rekindled a smoldering passion within myself, moving me in so many ways. That is why it is my hope to share this practice with as many people as I can. In my yoga classes, you can expect breath with flow (Vinyasa,) core work, flexibility, balance, and restorative poses while listening to a wide variety of music that you can tune into while you flow. I can’t wait to practice with you!

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